Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Active noise cancelling wireless headphones

By having wireless headphones with a noise canceling feature you will be able to keep your hands free for other important tasks while you enjoy your music or listen to someone on the other end of the phone line

Perhaps there is no better way to relax than listening to your favorite music on headphones, but often the background noise around you is distracting. This is why wireless noise cancelling headphones have become a very popular purchase.

Why choose wireless noise cancelling headphone over wired headphones

The great thing about it is that the wireless headset frees you from having all the tangled wires around you. If you choose to listen to your favorite songs while dancing around the house to get your daily dose of exercise, then these headphones are a great addition to your electronic collection.

Many people enjoy listening to music while they wash up the dishes or do laundry, so wireless headphones are a boon for such people. Or maybe you want to sit on the patio on a bright sunny morning listening to the music and watching nature go through your headphones. There are many different things that you can do when you are wire free.

Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones

How does wireless noise cancelling headphones work?

Noise-canceling wireless headphones can reduce ambient noise, allowing the user to enjoy greater peace of mind and listen to music at lower volumes. By eliminating the competing sounds from the acoustic envelope, noise cancelling headphones create a more pleasant listening experience. There are two main types of noise cancelling methods: passive and active.

Active noise cancelling for blocking noises with lower frequencies

To block lower frequency noises, noise-canceling headphones use an electronic panel that continuously samples the ambient noises and produces inverse waves to cancel their effect.

To achieve this, a small microphone in the ear cup feeds ambient noise to the panel, which generates an opposite waveform, sending it through the ear cups. This is known as Active Noise Cancelling (ANC). This process needs a power source which can be a rechargeable battery.

Passive noise cancelling for blocking high frequency noise

High frequency noise in the immediate environment can largely be blocked by use of denser materials for construction of the ear cups. This is known as Passive Noise Cancelling (PNC) and is particularly effective in larger headphone models. The downside is that PNC is not suitable for lightweight headphones or in-ear headphones that sit at the open end of the ear canal.

In-canal ear buds, however glide comfortably in your ear and are more effective in blocking high frequency noise.

Some limitations of active and passive noise blocking

As with any technology, the ANC and PNC have their own limitations too. ANC works best to reduce consistent background noises. It is not well suited for constantly changing sounds or a cacophony of hustle and bustle in general. Also, people who prefer to have lightweight ear cups find these noise-canceling headphones a bit costly. Generally, it is easier and cheaper to make a bulky and heavy cup.

Many leading companies have started producing headphones that use a combination of active and passive noise cancelling mechanisms for noise reduction purposes. The wireless headphones that use a combination of ANC and PNC are much more efficient.
After considering all the facts, the noise canceling headphones are good for people who are in right situations. If a person wants to block the hum of the nearby garden equipment or listen to the favorite music on a coast, these headphones may be a good answer to these noise problems.

If you live in the city, or even within the country, noise canceling headphones are crucial to drown all the strange sounds present around you. In the city, of course you want to drown out the sound of cars and sirens, while the crickets in the country can bother you while you try to listen to your favorite songs.

By having wireless headphones with a noise canceling feature you will be able to keep your hands free for other important tasks while you enjoy your music or listen to someone on the other end of the phone line. You can find quite a few different types of headphones via the internet, do a bit of research and compare prices.

Also be sure to read consumer reviews to see what other buyers think about buying noise cancelling wireless headphones. With prices above $300 mark for some brands, you have to shop around to get the best deals.

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